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File Merger

Stop wasting your time and use FILE MERGER to merge more than one file at a time.

Use txt and csv files only. Large and/or many files may take more time to process.

Create merged result file in CSV or TXT
Select all files at one time.

Free File Merger

File merging is not a problem anymore, because IT super tools bring you the easiest way to save time and merge two or more CSV or TXT files with its File Merger tools.

How to merge CSV and TXT files?

    1. Open the IT super tools site.
    2. Scroll down to Other Tools section.
    3. Click or tap on File Merger tool.
    4. Select between CSV and TXT format, in order to specify the format, you want.
     5. Click or tap on “Process files”.
     6. Click or tap on “Download Merged Result file ” in order to get the merged file.

Why choose the File Merger Tool by ITSUPERTOOLS?

Merge files with this simple web tool.

In just a few clicks, you can merge numerous files into a single document using our file merging. This online tool does not require registration.

Online file merging that is secure

Within an hour, all of the files you upload, as well as the files generated on our server, will be permanently destroyed. For additional information, please visit our privacy policy page.

It supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

The web app is a browser-based application. As a result, it is compatible with all operating systems, including Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Combining files is simple.

You can rearrange or delete individual pages by dragging them around in the editor area. You can also combine and merge multiple files into a single document by adding additional.

A trustworthy service

Buying pricey software to merge files or just add a page to a file is the norm. This is a safe and secure internet service.

Cloud-based processing

Once you’ve integrated your files, our cloud servers will manage the pdf production for you. As a result, your computer’s capacity will not be depleted.