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Keyword Research Tool

Get the premium choice of optimized keywords Research Tool, which makes your business rank on top


Free Keyword Research Tool 

Now search the best ranking keyword for your site or blog easily, with the help of free keyword research generator tool at IT super tools.

How to research for keywords?

  1. Open the IT super tool site.
  2. Scroll down to SEO tool section.
  3. Click or tap on keyword research generator.
  4. Put in the desired keyword or topic you need ideas for.
  5. Put in the keyword ideas you want to exclude from the result in the negative filter.
  6. Put in the keyword ideas you want to specifically include in the results in the positive filter.
  7. Click or tape on “research now” to get best results.

What are seed keywords?

It’s a significant keyword in your niche that’s usually simply one or two words long. It’s from this point from where you’ll initiate your keyword research. For instance, if you’re in the marketing niche and want to define it for the first time. Then your seed keyword may be anything like “what is marketing” or simply “marketing.” You’ll find all the keywords connected to your seed or major keyword when you search for it. Here’s what you’ll see if you search for ‘what is marketing’: 1. What is marketing 2. What is a marketing mix? 3. What is a marketing automation? 4. What is a marketing strategy? Why Use Keyword Research Tool by IT Super tools? Still not convinced? Then have a look at some of the most important advantages you’ll get from using our keyword tool. Use It for Free You do not need to pay any charges or register an account to use our keyword-generating tool. It means you won’t have to provide your payment card number or email address. It also saves a great amount of meaningful time. All you have to do now is visit our Keyword Research Tool and start using it! It’s a community-supported tool that’s always been and always will be free. However, in order to keep the tool working smoothly, we run advertisements and take payments. Find Easy-to-Rank Keywords Using our keyword generating tool, you can get access to relevant and related keywords and data when you enter your seed keyword. You may also tap the connected keywords if you select a certain keyword from the results, which are very useful for tapping long-tail keywords. In the world of internet marketing, there is no such thing as ‘easy to rank.’ However, the data demonstrates that some keywords are more difficult to rank for on SERPs than others. Long-tail keywords that are composed with three or more words are the easiest to rank. Copy or Export Keywords Accordingly Have you ever struggled to collect keywords for your website or blog by hand? If you answered yes, you must comprehend the significance of “the ability to copy or export the keywords.” You can also choose them by hand from your research. You can copy just the keywords you want. Then you’ll be able to utilize them whenever and wherever you need to. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to use those keywords.