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Privacy Policy Generator

Generate the best  privacy policy for your business in a single click. Just put in your business name and URL, and your are all set to go!


Copy Your Privacy Policy Code And Paste It To Your Desired Html Page


Privacy Policy Generator

Generate a general, suitable and highly professionally written privacy policy for your site, business or store. IT super tools brings to you the best privacy policy generator tools.

How to generate privacy policy?

  1. Open the IT super tools site.
  2. Scroll down to web tools section.
  3. Click or tap on privacy policy generator tool.
  4. Fill in the required information about your business, site or store.
  5. Click on “generate your privacy policy.
  6. Copy your generated privacy policy.

What is a privacy policy?

A privacy policy is a legal document that explains what information you collect from users, how you manage that information, and how you utilise it. A privacy policy’s primary goal is to inform consumers about how you acquire, utilise, and manage data.

Is the privacy policy generator free to use?

The Privacy Policy Generator ( is a free privacy policy generator for websites, apps, and Facebook pages/apps. You may establish a privacy policy for your company using our free generator.

Why is a privacy policy important?

The most crucial thing to understand is that whenever you collect data from consumers, either directly or indirectly, you must have a privacy policy. If your website has a contact form, for example, you’ll need a privacy policy. If you employ analytics tools like Google Analytics, you’ll also require a privacy policy.

Where do I put my privacy policy?

Privacy policies are usually found in the footer of a website. We suggest that you make your privacy policy easily accessible on your website.

What should the privacy policy include?

What data you gather from visitors, how you collect it, why you collect the data, and how you use the data should all be included in a standard privacy policy.

Can I copy someone else’s privacy policy?

It is not a good idea to duplicate someone else’s privacy policy. To begin with, privacy policies are legal documents that are protected by copyright. Above all, a privacy policy must be created based on the specific data you gather. This is something that our privacy policy generator can assist you with. Not everyone understands how to create a Privacy Policy Agreement, especially with the provisions of the CCPA, GDPR, CalOPPA, PIPEDA, or Australia’s Privacy Act. You will be clueless if you are not a lawyer or someone who is knowledgeable with Privacy Policies. Because of this, certain people may take advantage of you. Some may even try to extort money from you. These are some examples of things we don’t want to happen to you. By creating a free Privacy Policy, we help you in protecting your business. Our Privacy Policy Generator can assist you in ensuring that your company follows the law. We’re here to help you in secure your business, yourself, and your clients. Fill in the spaces and we’ll build a custom privacy policy you and your business. There is no need to create an account. In seconds, you can create and download a Privacy Policy!